In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated:

The Technical Evolutionary Advancements Beneficial to Achieving Goals.
A group of people dedicated to success, the benefits & those struggling for success.
A Team Dedicated to learning, growing, progressing, networking and channeling efforts for the success of the people and the community.
Cosmic Comics:
We are a progressive group of educated people who are interested in disengaging the mental and social anchors of life to enable people to rise to their full potential. We are a multi-talented group of people dedicated to this process by creating a non-profit organization.
We are a group of Multi-Cultural people, families, businesses, companies, civic organizations and corporations networking for the success and the needs of the people, at large, the communities and the struggling masses.
Join in the process of Cleansing minds Polluted by Urban Social Degeneration.
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