Baraka Shabazz

Baraka Shabazz

Baraka Shabazz (pronounced ba-roka sha-boz) is a famous name is Black chess lore and a name that exudes power. Her arrival on the scene was as sudden as light shedding darkness, but as fast as she rose, she tumbled into obscurity and disappeared. Baraka’s story is so common of young talents who either become disenchanted, lose interest or simply focus on other activities. In Baraka’s case, perhaps it was the prospects of a bright future and initial success that may have blinded her. –
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Opponents blew smoke in her face. In another case, a 17-year old boy looked at Baraka and told his mother, “You won’t have to wait for me, I’ll be back in half an hour.” Baraka dragged the game out for hours and hit him with a tactical shot winning the queen. The boy swept the pieces off the board. Success was coming for Baraka and she was indeed living up to her name which means “blessed.” – See more at:

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