In the 23rd Century, a Time of Famine, financial suicide, War, poverty, mutual annihilation defense systems, star wars technology, and human discrimination – A time of Ecological genocide and technical barbarism. A group of Technically and Evolutionary Advancing Men and Women create an impenetrable Base inside of a mountain anticipating worldwide death and destruction of life we know it. The Group is comprised of Architectural, Electrical, Computers, Biological, Mechanical, and ballistics Engineers. Equipped with several supercomputers they are prepared for everything situation. Armed with Technical Evolutionary Advancements they have everything Beneficial to Achieving their Goals.

They are known as T.E.A.B.A.G. In the 23rd Century led by group Leader Captain Drake and Kenya, Major Gee, Kaya, Sir Sav and Major Tee, Nia.

Cosmic Comics Issue-0-The Survey - Copy

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