Books: Colored Waiting Room

Colored  Waiting Room:


A novel set in contemporary rural Tennessee that reveal the struggles of a black woman being accepted in the traditional racist American workforce.  This suspense filled journey will take you through a shocking story that paints a picture you will never forget. Alberta Graham exposes murder, corruption, and disturbing ‘good ole boy’ racism in the federal government employment system. She explores her love, personal weakness, growth and the mystery of her highs, lows and vulnerabilities.

1943_Colored_Waiting_Room_Sign-0.jpgThe novel describes the battles of a black woman seemingly breaking down the walls of white supremacy alone in rural east Tennessee at the Cherokee Nuclear Plant.  You will literally follow Alberta in her frightening world of domineering racist & white power. A black woman with the pride of a black man dealing with trauma from Psychopathic overseers.

colored waiting room
A Black Woman with the Pride of a Black Man

The reader will cheer, cry, laugh and smoke a cigarette with Alberta Graham as she waits in the ‘colored waiting room’. In a position of black power from the start as Lieutenant of security Graham takes a rough ride launching a one woman revolution for all people of color and gender. Alberta at times holds the weight of the black world on her tall black and beautiful framework.

Alberta Graham is a Resistance Movement in the COLORED WAITING ROOM

As Spirit Sons and Daughters of The Creator, we are Majestic Reflections of His Light…each seeing God in the Other.- As Premortals, we therefore know and love each other without reservations…as we love and know ourselves.


Once you pick it up, You will not but this book down.CLICK IT TO GET IT

Paperback – June 30, 2006


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