Visionary Entrepreneurs: “True Story Project” The Trading Card Series is A True look into HIS Story of America, and the True Story of American History in Black and WHITE through a Black Eye.

.American History

The True Story Project is an educational program of fact based or public journalist content. The purpose of use is educational, nonprofit, scholarly, reporting, reviewing, & research.
The nature of use: fact based or public content.
The amount and substantially used of the image, using only a small thumbnail/low
The True Story of White Supremacy: Racist and Racism: American Racist, Racist Politics, History, Culture of hate & violence inculcated into white & American society.
American Media Archive Photos and American News Media Data Archives & American History Collections.


“True Story Project” is a Trading Card Series Collection depicting various timeline stages in the black progressive story in America, Thru the eyes of American History archives with a BLACK EYE. An educational, nonprofit, scholarly, reporting, reviewing, & research project for journalist and educational purposes.

To Order while supplies last





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