The Final Wake Call Up: Generation – X “Extinction”

black love

The Black generation and the very existence of the black race depends on the harmonious relationships between black men and black women. The health and completeness of the black family unit is essential for the survival of the black race. Let us not contribute to our own oppression.

black men and black women

Many weak minded black females have a mock self-stylized idea of what a woman is outside the realm of her man. She also has a mock self-stylized idea of what a woman is  inside the scope of  womanhood. In a relationship this is an identity crisis.

Weak minded black females

Their weak minds would rather have a weak adult black male to control and complain about so they can demean black men [by sub standards] while lifting themselves up to a position of power.  A disguise for their weakness and the lack of femininity, an excuse fortheir overbearing personality, their need to be in control, and their insensate callous disrespect for the role of a black man.

The Black Man

If a black man is too exhausted with trying to handle the self-induced delusions of the black female there won’t be room for the black man to actually love, admire, respect and adore her.

The Black Man

A black woman is fearless when her Black Man leads & takes control. A Black Woman know she’s a female and that her true strength lies in her womanhood and not pseudo manhood.

The Family Unit

Relevant and totally true is, the fact that some weak minded Black females damage black men, families and children and some weak minded Black females stagnate a marriage and others destroy them because of inexperience with black men. Along with the lust for control, they often deflect their actions on the weak minded adult black male. Who many have not even gotten out of the Ghetto Boy and have no desire to step into the Man Hood.


These are the weak minded adult black males, that these controlling weak minded black females call men. These weak minded black males are willing to lay down their masculinity and manhood in order to please their obnoxious bully of a wife. Allowing her to pick up his manhood to give it back to him only when she wants it. Pacifying his weak mind and making him a passive black male.

Weak Minded Adult Black Males

There are many Black females that will admit they are BROKEN from the start. Many times they expect a strong Black Man to LOVE them & even to fix them, because she considers him a strong Black Man.

The reality is, SHE is making that strong Black Man her God. Eventually, She will lose faith in this strong Black Man because she refuses to follow his guidance. The reality is, she will find reasons to disbelieve in him even though the reasons are not established or predicated by him. The sad picture is, if this broken Black Woman was strong she wouldn’t give a broken Black Man a second glance.

Black Females

So no matter how strong of a Black Man he is – IN trying to repair her broken life, her broken home, the Black Man is doomed to failure. Because, she NOW can blame her brokenness on this Black Man.

Even if a strong Black Man did repaired her broken life, Even if a strong Black Man did repaired her broken heart, Even if a strong Black Man did repaired her broken mind, her broken home AND Even if a strong Black Man did repaired her broken SPIRIT…she would give the credit to an invisible man.

A Dream Deferred

Many of these black females have not found themselves, they are lost. Many do not love themselves, do not know themselves, many are running from themselves and the others hate themselves.

And they damage every well-meaning black man they come in contact with.

many have not found their way

Strong Black men gravitate toward Black Women whose strength is not rooted in obnoxiousness, vanity, and self-gratification nor is it derived from her ability to take on male characteristics. Because of her wrong chooses in the past.

Black Woman

The Black Man needs a Black Woman who know how to be an influence without aggression, this black woman is in touch with her emotions and not overwhelmed, dominated, ruled or controlled by them.

The Need

The black man needs a black woman who is secure in her femininity. A black woman who embraces the most highs’ purpose for her life. If a woman was made to be a help-meet to man, he shouldn’t have to watch her 24/7 to insure that she doesn’t go around talking with snakes, so that all hell doesn’t break lose.

The Black Woman

When a Black Man marries a Black Woman he makes her a wife, a queen, a partner, ever mindful of her wishes, wants and needs. The Black Man makes her his responsibility. Too often in relationships there is an imbalance because many Black females do not recognize or acknowledge those actions from a Black Man. This weighs heavily on the durability of the Black Man and the success of the relationship and marriage.

The Black Man encourages self-criticism and personal evaluation, as it relates to the common good of the family. Without his Black Woman and her collective work and struggle, without her self-criticism and personal evaluation, progress is impossible.

Black Marriage
Black Marriage

The Black Woman must accept the reality that we are collectively responsible for failures, as well as our victories and achievements. Discussions concerning each family member’s responsibility prove helpful in defining and achieving family goals. But disastrous when ignored.

The Black Family

Black men and Black women need to promote each other, respect each other, know each other, and understand how beautiful we are to each other.  And together see the valuable necessity of each other in the context of the complete and healthy family unit. In order to build loving and caring fathers, responsible mothers and productive children.

The Family Unit

BLACK MEN Be SMART start with new open minds and hearts & if there is need for repairs start with brand new PARTS.

Black Men it is imperative that we seek black women from within. Seek Black women who are strong enough to be gentle, so educated they can be humbled, so aggressive they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, so disciplined they can be responsible.

 It can be strange to think about understanding your Woman’s body language
It can be strange to think about understanding your Woman’s body language

Many Black Females will leave a relationship and marriage for a few faults demanding perfection while ignoring their reflection accusing the black man of the very infractions they ignore.

Many refuse to listen honestly & cannot handle truth, or provide support or even have the affection to console their black men. Many don’t keep a clean home or provide a peaceful sanctuary with wholesome meals. Many are so quarrelsome black men come home to a battle zone.

the fight

The venomous, toxic, harmful words coupled with the conspiracy behind their meanings are a self-defeating means to an end to any real hope of compromise.  In Addition, many do not say what they mean and do not mean what they say which is childish to say the least & self-sabotage at its best.

The Lost

Black females are demanding love but in return not giving. Societal influence and the lack of cultural knowledge and acceptance coupled with the lack of experience and understanding of the attributes of men are disorders, causing the destruction of the black race-Family and kin.

A family starts with a Black Man and a Black Woman. The principle teaches that each family member must recognize their responsibility to the well-being of the family unit.  Each member must be concerned with the overall health of the family unit. Being responsible for the lives of each family member and bound together.  The success of any one life is an aspect of and dependent on the goodness and health of the whole.

black unity

There can be no individual accounting of the success or failure of the overall health of the family unit. Each member which makes up the family unit are responsible for the success and failure of the family.

Many Black females don’t know what Black men ARE even when they are right in front of them. So they will not listen to the plans of a Black Man, father, husband, protector, provider, teacher, God Son and King even when it benefits them in the end.

The future Black generations and the very existence of the black race depends on the harmonious relationships between black men and black women. Let us not contribute to our own oppression.

Shahrazad Ali – Black Women Relationships & Consciousness

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