The Final Wake Up Call: Killing the Messengers Twice ~ It’s Your Fault

The Final Wake Up Call:  Killing the Messengers Twice – It’s Your Fault –

Stand For Something
Stand For Something

Is it needless to say that the messages were unclear?

About the distance of redemption that was so far, yet to our touch is so near.

Marcus, Martin and Malcolm, the Messengers died in vain,

For our people’s choice we got assimilation’s pain.

Their messages were clear to the diligent listeners’ heart,

Starting the journey alone rendered a gain less start.

Their speeches were the beginning with every word forged in our minds,

A map of our destiny, was no longer hard to find.

Oppression and trickery followed our every way,

We fell for the “Okey Doke” up until this day,

You are the victim, yet you know not that it’s true,

By working for the Oppressor, you’re getting your just due.

Martin and Elijah

Change can be immediate, as the changing of one’s mind. Work is of the essence but of a different kind.

We have to do something about YOU, you’re the reason, the culprit, and the weight that holds us down. Your ignorance is of your masters’ work. You have the power to rebuke the wiles of the living beast within you. Resistance of Assimilation is not futile but beneficial to every melanated being working the earth today.

Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey

Assimilation is “The Walking Dead”

Awaken and be amongst the LIVING

Join Us Tonight On The Final WakeUp Call

(619) 924-9883

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The Final Wake Up Call:  Killing the Messengers Twice ~ It’s Your Fault


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