Becoming a NATION

Becoming a NATION, African Americans must develop their own society and ethical values, including self-help, community-based enterprises.
African Americans should reject cooperation with the government until black people can achieve internal cooperation and unity. The Racism problem in America remains ignored, and black people should not “compromise” with white racist policies.
Supporting Black Nationalism and advocating that African Americans in the United States act proactively in the campaign for the status of being a NATION instead of relying on Caucasian citizenship to change the laws that govern them in a proven racist society.

Nation Time
Nation Time

Becoming a NATION by Achieving major national influence through Black Power. Advocating economic self-sufficiency, cultural pride for African Americans, black independence and separation from European society and ideologies. The essential keys are Black economic independence and reclaiming black pride and masculinity, maintaining separatism and control of our black politics, and the economics within our own community.

Stand For Something
Stand For Something

Becoming a NATION is to Focus on improving our own communities, rather than striving for the racist government to make changes. Black Power is black people having a duty to defend themselves against violent assaults.
Black Power consciousness among African people in the United States represents African-Americans’ insistence on racial dignity and self-reliance. Vigorously putting an end to the racism that persist despite the efforts of African American activists.

Black Power is Economic and political independence, as well as freedom from White authority.

Power To The People
Power To The People

Becoming a NATION is creating further support for African-American self-determination and developing a strong influence on emerging leaders of a Black NATION.
Becoming a NATION emphasizes the cultural heritage of black people, especially the African roots of our identity. Black Power consciousness encourages the study and celebration of African history and culture. African American schools & colleges with required curricula in African-American studies that explore our distinctive culture and African history.
Becoming a NATION with Black Power consciousness is Anti-imperialism which calls for the rejection of racism, economic exploitation and colonialism globally. Black Power consciousness encourages the alliance of other peoples of color including Hispanics and Asians, to improve the quality of their lives.
Becoming a NATION is NOT black supremacism it is unity based on disenfranchisement of the black race and is not racist. It is based of crimes against humanity and the decriminalization of those crimes propagated into government policy and law.

The Black Nation
The Black Nation

Becoming a NATION advocates self-love, self-respect, self-acceptance, self-help, pride, unity, strong. “Black Power consciousness has a responsibility to the hardened prisoners and ex-cons, the drug addicted, the broken, the needy, the dysfunctional family, the black-on-black violence. The African American individuals or groups that branded others as “Toms,” traitors, or “sellouts,” the blatantly sexist stance and the similarities to white supremacist ideologies.

Becoming a NATION is focused on teaching “truth” and advocating the love of our own people, as love of self. To preach love of self and NOT LOVE of our enemies.

Becoming a NATION is motivated more by love of our people than hatred of our enemies.

The Plan of a Black nation is designed for the immediate benefit of Africans and to enhance their fortunes. To further criticize the imperial motives and the concept of legitimizing European imperialism of Africa. Pan-African intervention.

Phil Donahue Show On The Issue of Race

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