:Racism Doesn’t Exist: The New Racism

This America has built its riches and economic wealth and health on race, racialism, disenfranchisement - injustice on particular peoples of color. The Indian, the China man, the Afrikan, etc. The new racism is to claim that there is no racism. The hardest thing in this America is for white people to see racism, to... Continue Reading →

Academy – The Future

Shule Academy The Shule Academy is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of today’s children & educating the community at large for the future today. Mission Statement The Goal of the Shule Academy is to produce & development skills with a curriculum that Impacts the life’s of people and the community.  The Shule Academy using... Continue Reading →

Transitional Housing Program

Fighting Gravity: Transitional Housing Program Many former inmates are coming home to nothing and no where to go. Ostracized by the public and family they are for the most part helpless and homeless. The object is to help ex-offenders get jobs, education and tools to keep them from relapsing into criminal behavior, helping them mature enough to... Continue Reading →

The Husband Store

The Husband Store! A store that sells husbands has just opened in Philadelphia, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE ! There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase... Continue Reading →

The Final Wake Up Call: Killing the Messengers Twice ~ It’s Your Fault

The Final Wake Up Call:  Killing the Messengers Twice - It's Your Fault - Is it needless to say that the messages were unclear? About the distance of redemption that was so far, yet to our touch is so near. Marcus, Martin and Malcolm, the Messengers died in vain, For our people's choice we got... Continue Reading →

The Final Wake Up Call: SleepWalkers INC. – The Insiders

The Final Wake Up Call: SleepWalkers INC. - The Insiders Have You ever wondered why the very people you confide in are the same people who throw you under the bus? Isn't it peculiar that you're constantly attempting to reveal some particular truths to people you know are so deep in their slumber that you begin... Continue Reading →

Black Power Economics

Dr. Claud Anderson is the current president of PowerNomics Corporation of America , Inc. The Harvest Institute, and WaterLand Fisheries, Inc. PowerNomics is a corporation that facilitates major business development, focusing on inner cities. PowerNomics is also a social-political-economic concept developed by Dr. Anderson that examines race and offers specific principles, strategies and activities for... Continue Reading →

Books: Bringing The Black Boy To Manhood By Nathan Hare and Julia Hare

Bringing The Black Boy To Manhood: THE PASSAGE BRINGING THE BLACK BOY TO MANHOOD: THE PASSAGE By Nathan Hare and Julia Hare Bringing the Black Boy to Manhood issued the call and was the catalyst for the rites of passage movement for African-American boys. The late psychologist, Asa Hilliard, called it “a unique and indispensable... Continue Reading →

Books: The Endangered Black Family by Nathan and Hare Julia Hare

The Endangered Black Family by: Nathan and Julia Hare The Endangered Black Family by: Nathan and Hare, Julia Hare Guests: Dr. Nathan Hare, Dr. Julia Hare Host : Trudy Gallant Producer : Tony Mottley Summary: Program host Trudy Gallant explores with the Hares their views on the strained relationships between black men and black women,... Continue Reading →

Movie Of The Week: A Time To Kill

A Time To Kill “They deserved to die for what they did and I hope they burn in hell!!!” Close your eyes and imagine two men in a pick up truck take a little girl to the woods. Imagine a little girl being repeatedly raped, beaten, hit with full cans of beer bruising her down... Continue Reading →

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