Blind, Deaf & Dumb ~ Who Loses ?

Fighting Gravity: Blind, Deaf & Dumb ~ Who Loses ?

Blind - Deaf - Dumb
Blind – Deaf – Dumb

Recently I had shared a status on Facebook entitled:

It is fashionable to be Blind, deaf and Dumb?

Blind- Can’t see what is happening around you.

Deaf- Refuse to listen to the truth.

Dumb- Reluctant to speak up for yourself.


So many of our people are suffering from at least one of the three symptoms of ignorance. – And most of the many are plagued with all three.


What would you have me to say? Is it okay to be ignorant? Not at all! Allow me to recant this. Ignorance of the oppressor is a must. The Black Lions are here to lift you up. Sometimes there is a great need to break you down in order to lift you up. At this point there is only two ways to go with this:

(1) You stay where you are, and let your fate be written by society, Or!


(2) Get up and change the course of not only your destiny but the future of all melanated people.

Deaf Dumb  and Blind

NO! We will not go away quietly in the night…..It is time to Rise!



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Fighting Gravity: Blind, Deaf & Dumb ~ Who Loses ?

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