Does Black Life MATTER?

Fighting Gravity: Does Black Life MATTER?

Does Black Life Matter
Does Black Life Matter

I see my people Far to often whining, complaining, justifying, deflecting responsibility and lying to themselves about not having any ownership in the current position of their lives. And once confronted with this truth, and are abruptly given solutions to remove these defects of character, procrastination or denial sets in. And at that very moment, nothing changes. Nothing is dealt with and all the symptoms of social degeneration become full blown. I am a former self inflicted victim of what I just described. Acceptance of my own truths has set me free. The liberation and freedom of knowing that you are able to see thing clearer because the blinders, so to speak have been removed which causes your thinking to be critical. Every thought that is provoked by what you see is indeed astonishing. What kind of weight do you bear? Are you ready to remove it?

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Fighting Gravity: Does Black Life MATTER?

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