Word Wizard Wisdom: JUDGE


Justice as a naked

Judge: to determine what the intent of another man’s heart is (motive analysis), or to declare what the end result or outcome of a thing will be before time.

 In my opinion there is only ONE Righteous Judge because HE is the CREATOR of all things so He alone is Omniscient knowing the beginning and ending of all. Judges are appointed by Man and by GOD.

The man appointed Judges serve the purpose of keeping all things upright or JUST, they are appointed to Judge cases and matters to render what is FAIR. Thus Judges should maintain a certain status and or uphold a set standard that merits they will be EQUAL when rendering a judgment.

To Judge means to execute a Right Act or to propose what is Law such that a law offender receives adequate payment or recompense for any wrong actions and if one is offended by another they are justly defended i.e. their rights are protected by the law thus they were judged and received a reward.

We judge ourselves when we are convinced we did wrong and feel pity or guilt, we then scorn our own souls for the wrong we did.

By a Fighting Gravity Contributor:

Summary: By TheDoctor

People judge and use Judgment every day. If you think judgement is wrong you are more than likely referring to pre-judging or pre-justice, and pre-judgment. i.e. presumption. This happens when one bases their decisions without fact or evidence…which is exactly what judging is, to use facts and evidence to make sound decisions. If you do not judge using the purpose and meaning of the word and its function you are not sane.

The actions of Presumption is the real case, of not wanting to judge. It is in the pre-assuming that lies the problem. In the taking action before any valid information or facts can be presenting, obtained and or analyzed.

There is a big difference between prejudging, presumption and judging. When you throw a ball one uses information estimated by facts analyzed in the mind. Therefore, one can make an educated prognoses based on many elements of fact.

People base the meaning of the word Judge on the faults of people not the defining attributes and basic meaning of the word. They use the flawed system of court law as their definition referring to man and god instead of scientific facts and probabilities based on elements of sound facts and observed occurrences. This leads people to not engage in the use of their senses and nullifies the use of logic. Eliminating careful common sense.

The result is not using your intelligence and ignoring hard evidence in order to satisfy some imagined moral  wrong doing. A religious out clause which in turn amounts to laziness and voluntary stupidity.

A Sound Mind with the ability to ascertain and disseminate information based on logical occurrences.

A Sound Mind with the ability to ascertain and disseminate information based on logical occurrences.

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